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Well, I was born in Toronto Ontario, as Geraldene Ann Hopperton, but I could NOT make a decent letter ‘G’ in grade two so I moved to the elegant ‘J’! For the longest time I was ‘Jerry’, (my Dad dearly wanted a boy and I was the last of three girls), and I became Jerryann as I shed my tomboy status…and stopped (for the most part) climbing trees. (I still have a fondness for mud pies).

I was fortunate to have lots of educational opportunities, and so I did an undergraduate degree (BA) in Psych and Soc at Queens University in Kingston Ontario, and managed to persuade the art department into letting me take fine arts courses as electives when they had the space… (Art is where I love to play…it feeds my soul).

I followed that up with a MDiv. Which is a 3 year Masters of Divinity at Queens Theological College, part of Queens University in Kingston Ontario, with an extra interim CAPE year, the Canadian Association of Pastoral Care, where I upgraded my counseling and practical skills.

Although I passed the bar for ordination in the United Church of Canada, I eventually ended up working in street ministries and outreach programs with a focus on empowering and raising self esteem in the disenfranchised of our world.

At the same time I operated a home studio where I taught different forms of art including folk art, watercolours, oils, and mixed media fun stuff. I truly believe everyone is an artist, and love to see people who believe they cannot produce beautiful things, connect with their inner artist.

In 1997 I moved with my family to Vancouver Island BC, and every day I look out my window to ocean and snow capped mountains on the distant mainland… and am thankful to be so blessed.

Since then I have done lots of work with children and families, worked as a Finance Officer for a large non profit, initiated early literacy programs and taught ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ parenting programs and finally 30 years after graduating from university went back to college to do an ECE, and become an Early Childhood Educator. I was delighted to initiate the StrongStart program in the Campbell River School District and I  am now sharing that love part time on Mayne Island BC, and have time to share my art enthusiasm with others. I am passionate about play based learning, and its power to help every age discover the joys of learning and life.

Which is why I LOVE Zentangle®! It is an instantly accessible method of creating beautiful art and can lead us out of our preconceptions and into an exciting journey of discovery. So embracing the understanding that I am a lifelong learner, in the fall of 2013 I went to Providence Rhode Island to study with Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas the founders of the Zentangle method, and became a CZT, a Certified Zentangle Teacher. I am very excited to once again have a home studio where I can teach and play, make new friends and celebrate life.

On a personal note…in my life journey there have are challenges and blessings as we all face… I loved, lost and loved again… I have three amazing sons, and three delightful grandchildren, a golden retriever (Muppet), and am now married to Blair Haggart… who is a true gift in each day of my life.

Lastly, I love to garden, and try to grow my own fruits and vegetables. I love to play with colour…and so I mess with stained glass, I carve, and generally enjoy most hands on creative mediums. To me its about having fun, but every now and then I look at something I’ve done and go “Wow I did that!” I hope you will come and play at one of my classes and find yourself saying the very same thing!


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