A busy year!

img014What a lot of fun I have been having! Last Fall and Spring I taught workshops in Ontario, and up and down Vancouver Island, as well as being invited to teach at Tangle U! So in April I travelled to Portland Maine for  Tangle U 2016 to teach 118 CZT’s from all over the world, and was inspired by the many other classes I attended! I have soooo much to share! What fun!

In the last year or so I have studied with such wonderful and inspiring teachers. Cheryl Moote, (Twice!) Lynn Mead, Minette Riorden, Margaret Bremner, Lisa Heron, Denise Rudd, Kate Lamontagne, Meridith Yuhas, Molly Hollibaugh (Twice!), Betty Abdu, Brenda Shaver,  Chris Letourneau, and Laura Harms (the diva).

I have also had the opportunity to do Pro D workshops for various school districts on Vancouver Island as well as some classroom gigs (which I LOVE) teaching elementary and highschool students.

I love collaborating with other CZT’s and Barb Round, Nancy Dawes, Brenda Shaver and I have all teamed up in the last year, (not to mention the Tangle Island team of myself, Marie Browning, Barb Round Nancy Dawes and Linda Gardner), and I am looking forward to a Zentangle Christmas with CZT Rhonda Roy. Collaborating just multiplies the fun and I am looking forward do doing more of this!

Looking forward to a great new season meeting old friends and making new.