102 The Basics 2

img001In this lovely relaxed day full of delightful things, you will build on your skills and knowledge of Zentangle and explore additional tangles. You will incorporate the magic of advanced shading techniques to create visual appeal, and use simple but complex looking layering strategies, as well as some fun enhancements.

Create more sophisticated designs and learn about some of the practical applications of ZIA Zentangle Inspired Art!

3 hours … bring your basic kit, supplies included (assorted tiles, additional pens ( a thicker nib for dark areas), and a smile.)

102 The Basics 2 is recommended as a prerequisite for further Zentangle classes. 

Next classes at my Home Studio

  • Wednesday September 21st 9:30-12:30

Cost for single class:  $47.50 

Individual Classes are $47.50 each, choose two for $90, or three for $125