My name is Jerryann Haggart and I live on a beautiful little island …Mayne Island… in the Southern Gulf Islands near Victoria and Vancouver BC Canada. This website is about having fun with art… no previous experience necessary.

Wander around and see if you find something that inspires you…

I teach many different kinds of art and all ages, including families together ranging from elementary aged children, mom, and grandmother… what a lot of fun that is! I think exploring art styles and media can be an incredibly satisfying and adventurous experience.

Zentangle® is a combination of art form and meditation, and one of the the creative processes I really enjoy teaching. It is a great way to begin any creative journey, because it is such a relaxing, enjoyable fulfilling art form, and can be done almost anywhere, the kit is extremely portable, and it is not time consuming… a completed piece can take as little as 15 minutes and it had all the health benefits of meditation. There are always new things to try, new corners to turn in the world of Zentangle® inspired art, and you are invited to join me on a journey of discovery. As a CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher) trained by Rick and Maria Roberts, the founders of the Zentangle® method, and also an Early Child Educator I am well versed in play based learning, and we do have fun in my lovely studio.

No matter where you want to grow with your creative self, learning to relax and enjoy the process is what makes the magic for me, and I hope in my classes I can share that wonderful experience with you. I find it inspiring to join together with others, and often my students spark such wonderful ideas, and create such beautiful works that I am just amazed at how life giving practicing and sharing art can become!

 Be prepared to be delighted and inspired!